Brief Description of a trek to Kamrunag temple.  

Kamrunag Temple is one of the famous locations in the mandi district. This temple is famous for the BADA Dev Kamrunaag, who is known as a rain god. Kamrunag temple is beside the lake. A lot of people come here every year to pay tribute to bada dev. The only way to reach the Kamrunaag temple is by trekking. You have to just climb up around up to 3000 meters from sea level. The trek starts from the place called Rohanda.
This the picture of Dev Kamrunaag.
Dev Kamrunaag.

How to reach Kamrunag temple. 

There are a lot of options available to do the Kamrunaag trek.
The first one is from Rohanda to Kamrunaag which’s around 6 km from Rohanda.
The second one is from Saroha to Kamrunaag which’s around 8 km.
You can also trek from Dhangyara to Kamrunaag which’s approximately 10 km.
The last one is about 9 km that starts from Jachh, but most of the people do it from Rohanda.

Best way to trek to kamrunaag temple.

The best way to trek kamrunaag is via Rohanda. Firstly you need to reach Rohanda, Mandi. It’s about a 1-1.5hrs road ride from Sudernager. When you reach there you will find out that there is a great market in Rohanda and you can get probably everything as per your requirement there.
Starting of trek 
After getting all the important stuff, You can eat breakfast/lunch/dinner there. After that, you can start climbing to kamrunaag. it’s about a 5-6 km trek that takes around 2 or a maximum of 3 hrs to reach the top.
There is not a specific path while trekking you have to make your own path. But like a lot of people doing this trek, you will not face any problem finding a way to the top. you can ask anyone and they will guide you. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains while trekking.
A beautiful view of the mountains.
View While Trekking.
Kamrunaag Temple Boundary 
After 1-1.5 hr you will reach the place, from where the boundary of the temple starts.
On the board, you can clearly see that the use of alcohol or any other kind of drugs is prohibited inside the temple boundary and if anybody gets caught they will get fined.
this is the main entry to temple. You can take alcohol or any other drugs inside the temple boundary.
The main entry to kamrunaag temple.
After Entering from the main gate. 
After entering from the main gate of the temple. you can see a stone walkway is made by the trust of the temple which makes people reach the temple easy.
in the month of June, a fair is organized there, where you can buy the poster and other things related to the temple in order to make your trip to Kamrunaag memorable.
this is the outlook of Kamrunaag temple.
View of kamrunaag temple.
Reaching the temple. 
When you reach the temple you will find that the temple is located just beside the lake. I will share some pics which will amaze you with the view of the temple. In the case of night stay, You can ask the trustees of the temple for a blanket and sponge sheet for sleeping. In return, they will only take any identity proof which will be given back to you after submitting the blanket and sheets which you had took earlier.
Kamrunaag temple.
Kamrunaag temple.
Coming back from the temple. 
After visiting the temple you can come back through various ways like you can do directly trek to Shikari Devi from there.
I have made a simple video on Kamrunaag that will give you a little idea about the temple and the fair.

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